Noblesse, a Long-awaited Anime Adaptation

Noblesse, a Long-awaited Anime Adaptation

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The world of Anime could not have taken a better turn as exciting stories continue to engage the otaku community. Awesome stories across all genres keep on giving to the viewers. One of these thrilling genres is Noblesse. The much-beloved Manhwa and hit webtoon is now about to get its own anime adaptation. The insane hype is unimaginable as it continues to make anime viewers desperately wait for its arrival. Korean webtoons become popular with such stories and Noblesse was one of those titles which played a huge role in bringing these webtoons to light. The popularity of the webtoons and the interest shown from the otaku community finally brought Noblesse into the anime world. It is safe to say that people are absolutely thrilled to see their favourite Manhwa come to life. For those who don’t understand the hype behind the series, it is vital to take a look into the upcoming show.

Cadis Etrama Di Raizel, simply Rai, is the protagonist of the Noblesse Manhwa. Rai is a powerful noble who has the title of Noblesse. This name distinguishes him from the rest of the Nobles, as a judge, protector, and an executioner. Rai has just awoken from his 800-year-old slumber. He comes to the realization that the world he knew before is now gone forever. He now finds himself in a completely different world and has to act swiftly. He gets to the first order of business which is to find Frankenstein, his loyal servant all those years ago. Soon enough, Rai’s past catches up to him as he has to deal with evil from his time. Rai now acts as a Noble and uses his power to protect the world he lives in. Rai also joined Ye Ran High School so that he could learn more about the world that he now swore to protect. So, a series with an overpowered protagonist angle, we’ve seen those before, but it’s a story that fills an abundance of emotions. Noblesse truly is something out of this world, a new, and with an engagingly interesting plot.

Noblesse gives us everything that any anime lover would binge watch in an instant. The protagonist is easy to get behind as well as the overall story arc. The new trailer also gives us a lot to talk about. The darkish theme anime looked undeniably stunning. Though, keeping up with the anime-themed story, high school has to be a part of this as well. The continuous anime lovers will instantly know how everything in most anime’s are connected to high schools! The trailer speaks for itself as it clearly states, ‘To keep the peace, an eternal weapon is headed to high school. A lovably dark protagonist portrayed in Noblesse; it surely gives the viewers a different perspective. The series is yet to live up to the hype, but by the looks of the trailer and the depth of the plot, it will surely be a classic one cemented in the books for the times to come.

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