Naruto or Boruto: Differences

Naruto or Boruto: Differences

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Naruto is one of the most well-known characters anime has ever seen. He’s like the face of anime for some people while others regarding other classics like Dragon Ball or One Piece to be worthy of that title. Naruto grew up with us. He was like this childhood friend we used to know back when we were kids. But he grew up all of a sudden making us wonder if the veggies we skipped were really worth it or not. But he still was there for us even after that. He’s looked after us through thick and thin. Now with a son in the picture as well, it’s like there are two of them. But the son is from an entirely different timeline since the apple fell far from the tree apart from inheriting the exact same appearance. There are quite a number of things that make the father and son different from each other.

Stronger, Fortified basics when it comes to the way of the ninja:

Naruto started out knowing only a handful of jutsu. He could do that Harem Jutsu and the shadow clone jutsu which he wasn’t able to control either. Boruto on the other hand knows his way around when it comes to the fundamentals and having mastery over the wind style from the get-go, we can say for a fact that he’s been learning in secret before taking any other kind of exams or classes. The first teacher Naruto ever came across was Kakashi and that’s the first person who actually taught him when it came to the way of the ninja.

A complete random vs A super Gucci:

Naruto was this lonely kid no one wanted to hang out with. He was always by himself and no matter how hard he tried he didn’t manage to be in that bond with anyone. Boruto on the other hand is revered as this ‘legendary boy’ who will make a way different in the world of the ninja. One that would surpass even all that his father has contributed to. People have high expectations from him and there’s not even a shred of the doubt when it comes to his abilities. Naruto on the other hand, no matter how hard he tried, everyone was there to badmouth him, telling him he’s not good enough and would never be someone worthy of the ninja title. But he always shouted out his dreams and his aim to become a Hokage was all over the place.

Saving a lot of time:

Both series feature a ton of characters. No one can count all of them without falling asleep at least five times. We had those long introductions and backstories back in Naruto when it came to almost each and every one of them. Compared to that Boruto keeps things simple. It features a whole new look of the characters making them feel brand new. But at the same time, it skips out on the introductions and everything saving us a lot of time. But there’s one thing that never changes when it comes to the shounen genre. Yes, the filler virus that soon consumes all of them.

Slow and steady wins the race:

Naruto did an amazing job throwing in stuff that we’d be desperately looking forward to in the future. If we take out the fillers, the series had a good pace with something going on all the time be it out in the open or there in the shadows. There was this antagonist stirring all this trouble that Naruto had to beat and this ‘thing’ Naruto had to do. In simpler terms, there was a more stable plot. In Boruto, things keep coming to us at random. We don’t have a particular villain that stands up to the likes of Orochimaru or a mob that gives the Akatsuki a run for their money. We see a bunch of op villains but they only last a couple of episodes for Naruto and Sasuke can take on the guys from Dragon Ball at this point.